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Andrea&Cinderella butter

Andrea&Cinderella Butter Campus version.The price is only for head and body,not including wigs,eyes,clothes,shoes and make-up.Official Collocation-normal Body

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Neck Circumference
Shoulder Width
Lower Half Length
Upper Arm Circumference
Lower Arm Circumference
Knee Width
Sole Width
Sole Length
Leg Length
Arm Length
Thigh Circumference
Calf Circumference
male:61.5  female:57.2
male:10.0  female:8.0
male:12.6  female:11.4
male:23.8  female:23.3
male:20.5  female:17.5
male:21.5  female:22.5
male:30.5  female:28.9
male:8.2  female:6.7
male:7.5  female:6.6
male:10.5  female:10.0
male:26  female:25
male:3.0  female:2.8
male:7.8  female:6.7
male:30.5  female:28.9
male:23  female:21.5
male:15.5  female:14.5
male:11.1  female:10.2

Detailed Data

Neck Circumferencemale:10 female:8
Shoulder Widthmale:12.6 female:11.4
Bustmale:23.8 female:23.3
Hipmale:26 female:25
Sole Widthmale:3 female:2.8
Sole Lengthmale:7.8 female:6.7
Leg Lengthmale:30.5 female:28.9
Arm Lengthmale:23 female:21.5
Thigh Circumferencemale:15.5 female:14.5
Calf Circumferencemale:11.1 female:10.2
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