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70+ Antonini head

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This product has been sold out
Non-member customers Said: 09-09-23 10:55
Is the Antonine head limited also? If it is, how many are left?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-09-23 11:35
Hello,the head is limited,there are several sets left.^^
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-12-22 19:21
Any chance for an Antonine re-release ? I am not talking about the head only but a new full set like you did with Van (there is two versions of him now). Please consider it ! Thank you !!!
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-01-03 18:07
Hello,dear friend.we are sorry to tell you that Antoniene won't release again.lol
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-05-24 10:53
I know that the fullset Antonine is sold out, but is the head sold out as well? Thank you!
管理员[SuperAngels]  Reply: 10-05-24 14:07
Hello, tks for your question^^ Yes, the head is sold out as well =^-^=
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-05-17 14:43
Hello ^^ If I order only his head now, can I order his body later, and do the colours match then? And I would like the face-up like in the pictures for the full-set, is that possible? Thank you!
管理员[SuperAngels]  Reply: 10-05-17 14:54
Yeah, you could order his head alone right now. While we do not change the color within one year, therefore, their color will match as long as you placed the other order of body withine a year=^-^= I will help u to confirm the color again in that time^o^ About the face-up, pls click it on the page of the fullset and open it on a new site, then add it into your shopping cart. <3

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chiiSaid: 11-12-24 11:48
I really like this charming head. Please tell me if you plan on re-released.
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-12-24 13:37
Hi~dear~n__n~this boy has been discontinued ~and won't be re-released~Y__Y~really sorry

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