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Cinderella punk

Cinderella Sun tanned-Punk version.The price is only for head and body,not including wigs,eyes,clothes,shoes and make-up.Official Collocation-normal Body

  • Price: $530.00
Make-up Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$30.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$76.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Additional Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$2.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$2.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.


















Detailed Data

Neck Circumference8.4
Shoulder Width11.2
Sole Width3
Sole Length6.8
Leg Length28.3
Arm Length21.2
Thigh Circumference14.8
Calf Circumference10
Non-member customers Said: 09-09-24 17:07
How long Cinderella Sun tanned doll
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-09-24 18:14
Hello,she is 58cm.^^
Non-member customers Said: 09-05-08 17:48
hello. how much would it be for a full set but in pink skin? is the tatoo and eyelashes included too? thankyou :)
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-05-08 19:44
Hello,then price 420USD is only for head and body,not include eyes and wigs.the price of Cinderella with eyes,wigs,clothes,shoes,face-up and body-polishing is 617.5USD,and now we have special offer ,that if u buy a doll with wigs and eyes,u will get a free face-up,so the sum is 552.5USD.^^
reiz Said: 15-02-01 08:54
Can I have her head circumference? Thank you!
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 15-02-02 09:39
Hi, dear~ you can check her measurements at this page: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-288.html Have a good day~~
peachy13 Said: 14-04-22 20:18
Thank you very much! May I ask what is the email I should contact should I have any more questions or concerns? Bless you and thank you for your help! ^_^
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 14-04-23 09:07
Here is our mailbox:angell-studio-en@outlook.com ~ and you can submit your order, and make the note, our salesman will notice it ^__^ oh, it will take us about 45-60 days to finish a doll, which is really a long time ~>___<~

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mikarenSaid: 09-05-26 23:39
I was wondering if for the Cinderella punk or any of the others, was there a way to get the fullset, including outfit and wig? or is it seperate? or was it a limited thing?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-05-27 00:01
Hello,because the web is being updated,the functions of options are incomplete,if u want ot order fullset,u can contact with angell-studio-en@hotmail.com.^^

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