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70+ Ancient custom—Tripod

  • NO:CL110401
  • Weight:450.000 (g)
  • Item:CL110401
  • Applicable body: 70+Doll
  • Stock Status: In the stocks
  • Price: $159.00


NO. CL110401

Limited: 100 set

Dolls available: AS 70+ dolls, pls check the parameters for its suitability to Non-AS dolls~ it also suit the dolls in the same or smaller size~

Component: Under wear, coat, belt,  waist chain, headwear, 5 issues totally~ 

Description: it is the custom designed with ethereal ancient Chinese flavor and is made of refined brocade of profuse colors and various ornaments. The major colors are light gold milk pink and green which are arranged together to accentuate the royal demeanor and the predominant position of the monarch

Little Tip: It is suitable to most 70+ dolls because of its loosened design. If it is your first time have purchased AS ancient custom pls notice that the clothes is sewed without buttons. Since the ancient custom is multilayered, pls wear the middle gown next to the underwear first, then put them on the doll together. And pls have the underwear buttoned, the belt and waist chain fastened, the doll will be well dressed when these have been done~

Please be careful before you order, the color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product because of different computer displayer.


Size Details(cm):


clothes length


chest circumference


sleeve length









Length of trousers

circumference Of waist

circumference of hip

circumference of thigh

Circumference of bottoms








Detailed Data

Details Of Clothes(CM)
Details Of Trouser(CM)
Details Of Skirt(CM)
moonchild Said: 11-06-27 04:24
Can you post some pictures of the layers of the outfit separately? I would like to see each layer instead of all together. Thank you!

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