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Kimi 【Limted】

  • Price: $226.00
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                                                                           NameKimi    Male


                    Release time2011.1.12

Doll and style design group AS POWER TEAM

Sale status:Hot  Sale




Detailed Data

Neck Circumference5.8
Shoulder Width7.1
Upper Arm Circumference 4.8
waist circumference3.75
Sole Width1.82
Sole Length3.9
Leg Length11
Arm Length7.8
Thigh Circumference8
Calf Circumference6
statuess Said: 11-06-27 16:38
Hi~! Is there any chance of ordering Kimi in a different resin colour either now or at a later date? :) Thanks!
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-06-27 18:05
Hi~dear fro Kimi~T______T~we just got several sets left for sale~he will be sold out soon~i am sorry about it , and what do you mean by a different resin color, do you want a different skintone?~
statuess  Reply: 11-06-27 20:12
Yes, a different skintone. :)
minstrel Said: 11-03-07 20:37
hello, I come from Hong Kong and want to buy this doll. I saw the china site is sold out. But this site have this doll. Can I pay with hongkong dollars with this doll? I have ask the China site's stuff but no one reply me T.T I love this doll very much, and I will sad because I can't buy it. Thankyou for your help. ^^
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-03-08 09:07
Hello,dear friend.thanks so much for your love.^__^ but we are sorry to tell you that our site only accept US dollars as we are mainly open for English District.Any more questions,welcome to contact with us.^_^
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-02-07 03:42
I was wondering if there would be an option to buy other hands for Kimi? I like the pointy hands, but wouldn't mind other options too. thank you! He's very cute! X3
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-02-18 16:16
Hello,dear friend. Yes,you can order him in other hands,just leave message to your orders,we'll contact with you for more details after you placed orders on our website. ^.^
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-01-27 06:44
What skin tone is he? Looks like a soft blue or is it grey.
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-02-16 19:23
Hello,dear ,^^the skintone of Kimi is grey. ^^ The color misunderstanding may be caused by the monitor. =)

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supernovaSaid: 15-03-05 17:35
I ordered Kimi with his default face-up and he is perfect! The face-up is very well done and just like the pictures. He poses very well and is sturdy when standing. He can stand on one leg and do a variety of posing. The packaging he came in was really nice and included a white silky carry case with straps to keep him secure! Best packaging I have had for a doll so far! Customers service was fantastic and I received a photo of his face-up before they sent him to me. Very pleased with him! :)
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 15-03-06 09:17
wow, thanks so much for your review ~we feel so happy you like our service !~ Have a good day!~

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