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Visitors  Said: 11-10-07 18:27
Hi! Do you have any pictures of Baron Samedi (suntenned) without hat? Maybe some more pictures of Baron Samedi (butter)? Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-08 11:09
Hi~dear~n___n~i am sorry but the pic like this is not available now~>__<~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-07 16:33
Transaction id 3G668141JB4116106. Please send your full postal address for shipping parcel to you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-07 17:02
Hi~dear ~n__n~we have emailed to you~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-07 16:22
Hi. I make order but payment was error&quot;We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the &quot;Ask Seller a Question&quot; link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com.&quot; Send me your paypal account or paypal bill on my mail.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-07 17:00
Hi~dear~n__n~really sorry for the malfunctioned paypal link~here is our paypal address angell-studio@hotmail.com pls make the paymentd at the paypal website directly~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-05 23:27
help im so confused - my dear Vlad aka Lucifer has FINALY come around - BUT when i was done dressing him and giving him his wig and so on - i still had the eyes left - i wonder why the eyes was not on/in his head when i got him - for that was the case of my last bjd - i got no idea how to fix this - poor Vlad is blind until i figure a way..... please help...
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-07 09:04
Hi~dear~n__n~may i have the order NO. i will check it fro you~^__^~
tiffa  Said: 11-10-03 09:41
Hi, I accidentally ordered the same pair of shoes over and over again because the Paypal link is broken. I only want one pair. Can you tell me where I can find your Paypal email so I can pay for the pair of shoes? Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:20
Hi~dear tiffanie~n__n~ here is our paypal address angell-studio@hotmail.com~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-03 01:18
Hi, you misunderstood my previous question. I was asking if it's possible to buy Que's fantasy parts separately? They are not for Bella, I just want to get the parts for another doll :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:19
Hi~dear~i am sorry it seems that they are not avialable~>__<~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-02 22:12
Hi, can you give me an estimate on shipping cost to Canada? Assuming its doll + accessories which might be around 3kg. Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:18
Hi~dear ~n__n~ it will be about 55USD~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-02 21:49
Hi. I have bjd head without face-up and i would like to order face-up only. It is possible or not and how much is it cost?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:17
Hi~dear n__n~O it will be ok~n__n~you may find the service here http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1733.html ~^__^~
miyavik  Said: 11-10-02 17:08
Hello. My order is 20111002164426. I would like to know, how much will be cost delivery to the Rissia? Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:15
Hi~dear~n__n~we haveemailed the bill to you~pls check it~^_~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-02 14:52
I have a question about the layaway program for the dolls. Can I put together the entire doll, and pay off teh doll through payments for it? Also, how do the payments work when I use the layaway program? Thank you for your time. ^_^
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:14
Hi~dear ~n__n~it is ok to use the layaway~n_-n~ pls just make a notice in your order~n__n~ it will be arranged~under the layaway contract, the payment will be allowed to be made by 3 times with 45-60days~
bjohnson  Said: 11-10-02 10:34
Hello. your dolls are beautiful. I am very interested in Baron the suntanned version. i was wondering how I can also get the eyes that he has in the pictures? they are not listed as coming with him and where they are listed with the other items there is no buy button. where can I find them?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:12
Hi~dear n__n~o thank you soo much for yoru love for this boy~i am sorry but this pair is not in stock now~>__<~ but they will be available in the middle of Otc~^__^~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-02 04:24
Will this doll go on sale soon? Thank you. http://www.bjdcollectasy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/1zombipic.jpg
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:09
Hi~dear~n_n~you may find the boy here ~http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1906.html http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1907.html ~n__n~ while the skull part is not sure~>__<~
fujinkazeno  Said: 11-10-02 00:27
hi i was wondering whats your paypal email so i can make a direct payment since it looks like theres an error on the site o.o
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-03 13:08
Hi~dear~n__n~ here is our paypal address angell-studio@hotmail.com~ you may need to login the paypal website and make teh paymentdirectly from it due to the malfunctioned link~>__<~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-30 23:33
Hi! I was wondering what kind of layaway you offer for Bella + faceup? And is it possible to get Que's fantasy parts separately? Thanks!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-01 19:37
Hi~dear~n__n~ the layaway is available~n___n~the payment will be allowed to be made by 3three times within 45-60days~n__n~i am sorry but the fantasy parts can not be attached to Bella~>__ <~
kupikuklu  Said: 11-09-30 19:17
I can not pay for my order Please correct the error When I click to pay, then I see an error message I can not go to the site paypal or write me your paypal account I'll pay for itself order
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-01 19:35
Hi~dear~n__n~sooo sorry about that ~but would you pls login the paypal website and make teh payment directly from it~our paypal link is malfunctioned~T__T~
blukat99  Said: 11-09-30 16:21
Hi I was wondering if I get the 15% off for the Halloween event? It does not show on my invoice and I would like it to show before I pay. Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-01 19:33
Hi~dear ~n__n~we have emailed the bill ~
salamandra  Said: 11-09-30 15:22
Hello! I've ordered a doll with some stuff from you, my order no is 20110725170586, 6 days ago I recieved an e-mail from you wich tells me that the face-up is done and the girl is ready to go to me. I asked, when are you planning to send her, but still haven't recived any ansver. I am waiting for more than 2 months already, and i want to know, what is with my order, and why there is no answer. I want her sent to me as soon as possible, please) Elena
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-01 19:32
Hi~dear Elena~n_n~O really sorry for the dealy~we have shiped the doll~^__^~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-27 01:25
Hi, I live in England, but I've seen your dolls and love them to pieces, but I don't know whether you have a site for England or just for this....... I would love to buy some but don't have enough to pay for shipping...
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-27 08:51
Hi~dear~n__n~O thank you sooo much fro your love for AS BBs~^^~it honors us a lot~may i have the items or doll you are interested in? i can count the shiping cost for you and see what we can do then~n__n~o
Visitors  Said: 11-09-19 15:52
Dearest Angell-Studio! This is not a message in regards to an order at all so I hope you dont mind me posting it here. While browsing the deviant art website(www.deviantart.com) I came across a user account with the same name as you. This account features pictures of your dolls from this website up for sale under this user's name. When I contacted them asking if they were affiliated with you and had permission to sell such art they assured me in what I took as a suspicious way that they were indeed part of your company. And even your official english representative. They seem a bit strange to me so I wanted to leave a comment here to make either ensure that this is your account or to bring it to your attention that your artwork has been stolen by this person and is being used without your permission. The page you can access here: http://angell-studio.deviantart.com/ Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-19 16:29
Hi~dear ~^___^~yes, thatis our DA account ~in most cases it is used by us to maket our dolls and share some pics with our AS friends~^__^~our english correspondent is authorized to search fro the excellent works by other DA users~we consider our DA as a platform to make new friends and entertain the people we like~n_n~thak you so much for let us know your concern regarding the security of our brand ~^___^~it is our honor to have such a caring friend just like you~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-19 09:55
Hello! I want to have eyes &amp; face-up for Mix-Black head as it's shown on the site with fullset of this doll:). So, how much will be the price of head with face-up, eyes, eyelashes and shipping fee to Poland? Thank you very much!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-19 12:52
Hi~dear~n__n~ the goods cost ofthe head eye wg and faceup reaches 228USD~n__n~and teh shiping cost will be 40USD and the paypal charge 10USD~so it will be 278USd~^^~
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