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bailee  Said: 11-09-16 02:16
hello. i was wondering how long it will take to send a doll with a face up.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-16 08:45
hi~dear~n__n~25-30 days will be needed for the production of the doll~ and 7days for shipment via EMS~so it will be 35-40 days totally~n__n~
bailee  Said: 11-09-15 12:53
hello. i was wondering if there is shipping and handling costs to ship a package to the U.S if so how much is it?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-15 16:19
Hi~dear~n__n~the shiping cost is dependent on the weight of your order and destination of shipment~n_n~ it will be counted when the order is placed ~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-15 09:33
Hi there I left a message few days ago about the 1/4 Ancient Style Pink brocade Shoes, on 11-09-08 and was told that it is available for purchase. But I tried to purchase it through your Taobao site http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=8689212746 and was told that it's not available. Do I need to wait for it to be in stock? if so, how long will it be? Many thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-15 17:51
hi~n__n~dear, it is available now~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-14 13:54
can pay with paypal?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-14 15:18
hi~dear~n_n~of course, it is our default payment method~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-08 12:51
Hi just wondering if your item 1/4 Ancient Style Pink brocade Shoes http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1646.html is available for order or available for purchase? thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-08 13:40
HI~dear~^^~they are available~n__n~
wickedcarrot  Said: 11-09-06 08:39
Hello, I recently placed an order for a Leira Milk doll which is currently being stocked. My order number is 20110819235085. I also ordered a pair of eyes (EY16086) to go with my doll since the eyes that usually go with the doll were sold out. I was wondering if it would be possible for the eyes to be set in the doll for me before it ships. Thank you :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-06 09:55
HI~dear~n__n~ yes, of course~we will make it for you~
allex1912  Said: 11-09-05 17:29
Hi again! In order details is stated -"The total amount of orders:983, Goods cost: 908 USD". You write in e-mail "The total amount of orders:922, Goods cost:818". What cost should i pay? I got frightened.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-05 17:45
Oh~dear~really sorry ~pls choose the later one which was the amount after our discount for you~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-04 22:09
With the bases loaded you srtcuk us out with that answer!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-05 08:45
excuse me~n__n~may i help you?
Visitors  Said: 11-09-04 08:24
Hello, I would liek to order face up services for a few of my dolls. Do you have an email address I can send the face up details too? Also do I order the face ups through the cart or can I get a paypal invoice from you after discussing the details by email? Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-05 08:46
HI~dear~n__n~it is ok~here is our email address angell-studio-en@hotmail.com~pls just place the order~^^~we will sent the invoice to you after we count it~n__n~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-03 04:05
Hello! Thank you for your previous reply and your speed! Is it also possible to customize a makeup? I want to buy a Kimo girl doll. Can you do a make up more feminine? This would entail an additional cost? Thanks and sorry for my English, I hope I'm understandable ...
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-03 14:43
HI~dear~n__n~it is ok~here is the customized faceup~n__n~we will ask the painter to make the BB looks more like a girl~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-02 18:00
Hi! It's me again! Of course, i would have made payment on PayPal website, if i had known how. Should i use your e-mail? What is it? Do you have to send to me any information about my order before I make payment? I can't find my EMS cost? Where is it stated?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-02 18:12
we have emailed the bill agian to you inbox~n__n~ hope it will be ok~^^~
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-02 18:09
Hi~dear~n__n~it is strange~don't you receive the bill from us? here is our paypal address angell-studio@hotmail.com may i have your order NO.?
Visitors  Said: 11-09-02 08:45
Hello! Was Gavin's mold the same as Hua Xi mold? Thank You!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-02 08:58
Hi~dear~Gavin is much older than HuaXi~^^~they are differenct actually~n__n~'
allex1912  Said: 11-09-02 01:29
Hi! When i click on NOWPAY i go onto PAYPAL website and see ""We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com."" What should i do to make payment? I only know how to make payment through invoice.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-02 09:00
OOh~dear~realllly sorry fro the trouble of paymetn~y__y~there is something wrong with our paypal link on the page~t___t~could you pls login at paypal website first and make the payment directly from it~^^~thank you~
Visitors  Said: 11-09-02 00:50
Hello, I want to order a doll Kimo shortly. How long will he available? Is it possible to have a female body instead of male? How long to receive it? What is the price of shipping for delivery in France? Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-09-02 09:05
HI~dear~n__n~30-35days will be needed for the production of Kimo and 7dyas fro shipment via EMS~and you may find the gender change here http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-838.html ~the shiping cost will 45USD~n__n~thank you~
Visitors  Said: 11-08-29 02:48
Hi there, I am interested in a suntanned Kana--is tan only available in solid resin or is it also available in translucent resin too? Also--does the tan color go all the way through? Can the tan be sanded? Thank you, Lisa
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-08-29 08:42
Hi~dear~Lisa~it is available to both ~n__n~ and the skintone is all through th eresin~^^~
allex1912  Said: 11-08-27 19:35
Hello! What type of hands goes with Cheney and Bella? Is it possible to order 1/6 Girls\' satchel skirt now for Momo? And why I can't order 1/6 love hands? Thank you in advance.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-08-29 14:15
Hi~dear~n_n~their hands will be plam hand and pointing hand~^^~and the sailor dress is also svailable~can't you order the loe hands? it is strange but they are available here http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-669.html
suzy  Said: 11-08-24 18:02
Dear Angell Studio, I have put through my payment for the total. :) Many thanks, Suzy
ayami  Said: 11-08-24 10:10
Hi, I sent you an e-mail yesterday and I want a reply. I'll be paying my payment for order 20110821201167 via bank transfer next week. I'm a little bit confused about your Beneficiary's name via Bank Transfer. In your reply your name is Bao Jin Liu, but on your website your name is Zhen Xiang Xu. So which one should I send money to. Please understand that I don't want the money to fall into the wrong hands. Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-08-24 17:38
HI~dear~n__n~ we have sent the email to you today morning~did youn get it~^^~Baojinliu is the account in the current use~so it is ok~pls don't worry ~^^~
suzy  Said: 11-08-23 21:44
Dear AngellStudio, I just placed my order, 20110823218893, went to paypal where paypal said there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. How do you want me to pay now? Or do you want to invoice me at my paypal email address? Many thanks, Suzy.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-08-24 08:32
HI~dear Suzy~^^~we are reallly sorry for the problem of the paypal link on our page~it has failed us for long~Y___Y~could you pls login at the paypal website and make the payment directly form it~n__n~ thank you~
cat70  Said: 11-08-23 19:19
You told me that you've got one bike for sale. I'd like to pay (including shipping to Ukraine) but cannot order it - the status of this item is "Sold out".
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-08-24 08:33
yes,~it is sold out on the webpage~^^~while the stock keeper found one accidentallly in the stock~n__n~the photo of the moto will be sent later to your inbox~
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