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emixlea  Said: 14-08-13 03:27
Just payed it^^ Sent you an email from lucinecaroun@hotmail.com
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 09:10
Hi, dear ^___^ thank you so much for your support, your payment is confirmed ~ Have a good day~
zerogravity  Said: 14-08-13 01:53
Hello, dear Angel Studio. Can u tell me when my order will be shipped (outfit 1/4 and so on)? One month has passed from the date of payment. Thank you! Order Number:20140708034343
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 09:57
Hi, dear, sorry for being late, the wig just re-stock, we will send you within this week ^_^ Thank you so much for your patience ! Have a good day!~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-08 23:44
Hello AS! :D I waited three days as you said for order number 20140801172078 to be shipped, is it shipped or still being prepared? Sorry for bothering you, but I can't wait :D thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-09 08:47
Hi, dear ~ sorry for being late, your package has been shipped, and here is the tracking number:EA019783517CN and you can check it at this website: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html any problems just let us know~Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-08 08:33
Hi~ I was wondering if it was possible to request a custom-made doll or outfit.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-08 08:52
Hi ,dear ~thanks for your interest to us, but sorry we don't provide that service ^_^ Have a good day!~
peachy14  Said: 14-08-07 05:59
Hello, I have been looking at Mix-Black NO:DL1300704 Doll and I was trying to find on your site if you did layaway, but couldn't see anything. Do you take layaway plans?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-07 09:01
Hi,dear ~~ yes, Layaway is accepted by us, you can pay 30% of the total value and pay up the rest within 60 days ^___^ any problems just let us know~Have a good day~
lestrangue  Said: 14-08-07 02:05
Hi, dear, I've received my Minotaur this day, thank you sooo much! *___* He is cute, and moves so nice, and face-up and everything is just great, you're amazing! But still I have one question and one note. Question: what is the piece of wire for? ^___^' I've always thought I'm pretty smart but now I am clueless. How am I supposed to use it? Am I supposed to use it at all? ^__^ A note: there is a minor failure in his clothes. I can send you a photo later via e-mail, it is about his pants. The word "dreams" is upside down and it is not glued very well to fabric. The world "street" is not cut out well and is more like "str-blacksquare-t". It is not crucial.I think I'll be able to fix it myself. I just wanted you to know about this so that you could check other orders and fix this mistake so that everything could be perfect.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-07 09:00
Hi,dear ^_^ you are really interesting ,hahahaha, thank you so much for pointing the mistake we made, we will check more carefully before we sent this clothes to other clients ~>___<~ and about the wire, when you want to change hands for him, you can use the wire to pull out the string and change the hands for your doll, or you also can put the wire and string together to joint the body, so your doll can make posts more easily ~n_____n~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-06 07:52
Hello! I just had a quick question about Leira Milk's outfit. I'm assuming that since there was no &quot;Buy&quot; button next to her clothes that they are not available for purchase. Is there any way I could buy Leira's outfit?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-06 09:45
Hi, dear~ so sorry but the clothes has been sold out and discontinued >___< but I suppose you can check other MSD size clothes at this website:http://angell-studio.com/en/?gallery-113-grid.html Have a good day~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-04 17:27
Hello, AS! Sorry for bothering you again, but I was wondering when will you be able to ship order number 20140801172078 ? Is it in stock or still being made? And if it's still benign made, when should I expect it to arrive? Thank you :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-05 10:12
Hi,dear~ all things are prepared, we can send the package to you within 3 days~ and will mail you the tracking number~ have a good day~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-02 18:29
Hello, AS! I just paid for my last order, order number 20140801172078, via paypal. Please let me know if you received the money safely :) thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-04 10:32
Hi,dear~ sorry for being late, your payment is confirmed~ thank you so much for your support to us, have a great day!~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-02 11:27
Hello. What color is the head? Can I have the option to choose one? And can I choose a specefic makeup? Because I want the Hancy full makeup (I know that's a extra charge). Thank you~
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-04 10:08
Hi,dear, she's in solid butter ~and you can pick the skintone you like ~ you also can choose a specific make up for her, but you need to choose it from our store ~~any problems pls let us know~ Have a good day~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-02 04:45
Hello, I placed an order but I did not receive an invoice with the shipping fee yet, can you please tell me how much I should pay you? Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-04 09:43
Hi, dear~ may I know your order number?~so I can check it and send you an inovice?~thank you~~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-01 01:15
Hi again dear angells~ i want to know...is sherry's body is senior body? (double jointed body)? And is the High heeled legs are double jointed too? Please explain it to me...and thank you in advance~ , Regards~ wish you the best~ &lt;333
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-01 09:58
Hi,dear ~ yes, here is Sherry's body page: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-2396.html the upper body is double jointed body, but the lower body is single jointed ~n___n~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-31 18:47
Will you this doll still have in December. I want to buy the doll for Chrismas.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-01 09:55
Hi, dear ~ this doll will still have in December, so take it easy, you still have enough time~~Have a good day~
pugsies  Said: 14-07-31 09:20
My shoes that I ordered (order 20140723236991) were supposed to come with my Andrea that I bought, but they did not come! Are they being shipped seperately? Should I pay for shipping?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-01 09:54
Hi,dear friend, we used to sent you a mail about the paypal transaction unique ID of this shoes order, cause we didn't find your payment, but we failed to receive any reply from you, so our warehouse only sent Andrea to you first ~>__<~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-31 08:47
Hi dear angells~ I'd like to know if I we want to buy xiangling will she be with a closed hands like it showed in her page http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2326.html ? Because We'd like her to be with these hands http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1973.html . Will it suits her? ' And if we want to buy Sherry will she come with high heeled legs or feet? Because we want her with the normal feet. And will these shoes fits the normal feet http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2612.html . Sorry for the many questions hehe~ and thank you in advance.. Regards~ =^_^=
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-31 08:58
Hi,dear~ you can order xiangling with this kinds of hands,just make a note~ the hands suit xiangling well ; Sherry will only go with high heel legs, and this shoes is for high heel leg, not for flat feet ^___^ any problems just feel free to contact us ,have a good day!~
psjruri  Said: 14-07-30 16:54
Hello AS. If you did not send order package. -ordered 2 weeks ago- Can you change the items? 1/3 Antique dress white to 1/3 European Sweet Dress 2. 1/3 snow butterfly wig to 1/3 WG32029. order No. is 2014071300 6783. Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-31 08:55
Hi, dear friend, we will change the items for you, thank you so much for your patience ~Have a good day~
pugsies  Said: 14-07-29 10:19
Hi if I put my orders together (20140620020716 and 201406067436) would it be $500 for free faceup? If I add clothing to make it $500 does that count
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-29 13:13
Hi,dear friend, the summer event has been passed, we don't hold this activity at present, Have a good day!~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-28 22:04
Hello! I was vondering, will you be selling the drumset and the keyboard as shown with the newest dolls somewhere in the future?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-29 08:56
Hi, dear ~ sorry but we won't sell the drumset and the keyboard >_< Have a good day!~
psjruri  Said: 14-07-28 10:23
Hello Angel studio. My order status is &quot;are stocking&quot; for 2 weeks. When is order shipped? Order No. is 20140713006783. Thank you very much.
yero  Said: 14-07-27 04:44
Hello, just wanted to ask if you offer your de-etiolation (de-yellowing) service for dolls from other companies? :) And if yes, what is the exact procedure you use for de-yellowing? Thanks in advance and best wishes~!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-28 08:48
Hi ,dear friend, we don't provide this service for dolls from other companies >_< thanks for your interest to us, have a good day~

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