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bandersnatch  Said: 11-10-29 21:26
Hello! I would like to pay for my order(20111029210703), but I don't see the cost of shipping, and the [Pay Now] button is broken ^^; Could you please tell me the shipping fee so I can send payment? Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-30 01:59
Hi~dear~n__n~o the shiping cost will be 13USD~^^~
allex1912  Said: 11-10-29 19:24
Hi! It's me again. I received my Bella, but without fixed eyes. As I didn't have clay for eyes, I had problems with fixing them (eyes roll all the time), but nevertheless Bella is beautiful and gorgeous. However, I suppose, you have to advise customers to buy some clay. Now I'm thinking about ordering Nero, so I have a question. What exact skin tone does Nero have in the pictures? It's written that he has solid butter skintone, but Nero's HEAD skin tone looks like some transparent skin tone (as Bella has). If i want to have Nero with skin tone exact as in the pictures what skin tone I should choose? Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-30 01:58
Hi~dear~n__n~O i checked with the factory ,Nero is in solid btter~^^~and really sorry about the eye clay~>__<~ would you pls make a notice in your order we will add a box of clay in to it~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-29 15:16
Hi! If I order Kana which body type she will have as default, 1/3 Female body(double jointed) or 62cm Female body? What should I do to have my doll with fixed joint soft silicone cushion? And what size suits for AS- 1/3 Youth(58-61cm)? As I understand, both bodies (62 cm and 58 cm) have the same construction of the knees. So the knees can be bended in the same way? Thank you Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-30 01:50
hi~dear~n__n~O Kana will come in the 1/3 body~^^~and yes, the kness will bend in the same way~^^~for teh cushion, pls make a notice in the order we will install for you~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-29 03:16
Hello! Which doll body is more flexible 1/3 Female body(double jointed) or 62cm Female body? I mean whether I can put (place) both of the bodies in the same position? Do you fix the joint fix parts then you assemble the bodies (58 cm female and 62 cm famale)? Do dresses for 62 cm girls (62cm Female body) fit to 58 cm girls (1/3 Female body(double jointed)) and vice versa? Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-29 08:51
HI~dear~n__n~O teh constrcution of both bodies are the same~so the flexibility~^^~ the dress for the two bodies can also be wore by the other~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-27 17:00
Hello ^-^ is it possible for me to find out how much it will cost to ship one wig before I submit a order? thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-27 19:10
hi~dear~n__n~o may i know teh destination for teh shipment?
Visitors  Said: 11-10-26 08:48
Hi im Annie, Im looking into getting both Lucifer butter and white and i noticed that both of there clothing isn't available. Do you have any idea when there clothing will be available again for the full set?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-26 10:11
Hi~dear~n__n~O i am sorry but both of the suits are sold out~and won't be restocked~>__<~ becasue the original fabrics have been run outX__X
Visitors  Said: 11-10-24 18:46
Do you have any pictures of resin comparison for the &quot;solid pink, butter and white?&quot; Thankyou.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-25 09:46
Hi~dear~n__n~O you may find the comparision here ~^^~http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1243.html
ryohei  Said: 11-10-23 22:36
Hi, I want to know in the doll page there is option hands make-up $20.00, nail it is included or I buy the option nail cosmetology $10.00? For the tatoo personality cosmetic if I buy one it is possible to apply it on the body doll? Thanks!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-24 09:09
Hi~dear~n__n~i am sorry but the nail cosmetology is not included in the hands makeup~>__<~but the tatoo could be applied with the notice made in the order~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-23 18:02
Why dont you have a option for a solid milk pink? is this hard to make? and do you still offer solid old milk option?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-24 09:07
Hi~dear~n__n~O solid milk pick is actually the same with solid pick~really sorry we did not put it straightly ~>__<~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-23 01:53
Hi, I want to buy HuaXi SP but I see your event Halloween, It is possible to buy him and to have the 15% discount? Thanks!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-24 09:06
Hi~dear~n__n~O yes, of course~^^~
smw  Said: 11-10-21 13:13
Hello! Do you ever plan to restock your werewolf head or full doll Gavin? I like it very much! Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-21 16:40
HI~dear~n__n~O i am sorry but he has been sould out and won't be restocked~>_<~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-21 05:31
Hi,today I am try to login website but I found I forgot my paaword, could you please send my password to my e-mail address? Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-21 09:12
Hi~dear~n__n~O we have reset the password as 123456~^_^~ pls try to login~^__^~
Visitors  Said: 11-10-21 04:42
Do you ship to Russia?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-21 08:44
Hi~dear~n__n~O yes, the shipment to russia is available~
ryohei  Said: 11-10-20 23:59
Hi, I want to buy HuaXi sp and I want to know if layaway is possible?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-21 08:43
Hi~dear~n__n~o yes, the boy is available~n__n~we will sent the layaway contract to you once we have your order counted~^^~the forst payment willbe 30% of the total and the rest of it will be allowed to made within 45-60 days by twice~
wickedcarrot  Said: 11-10-20 09:39
You don't need to rush. I just wanted an update on her progress :). Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-21 08:42
Your are welocme ,dear~n__n~O
wickedcarrot  Said: 11-10-19 10:52
Hello, I placed an order on August 21st, and I was wondering how close my order is to being completed and shipped. My order number is 20110819235085. I hope I don't seem too impatient, but I would like to have an idea of when my doll will arrive.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-20 09:15
hi~dear ~n__n~ really sorry for keep you waiting~Leira is taking the faceup~^^~i will ask the painter to speed up~
lzoey131  Said: 11-10-19 04:18
Hi, I have order AS dolls yesterday,oreder number is 20111019039319. I just hope I can get my dolls after December because this time I am not stay at New Zealand. Also, I am try to use Paypal payment, but it looks like error on the sit.Last,I want to know how much costs for delivery to my address.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-19 09:09
Hi~dear~n__n~o thank you fro yoru lvoe for AS Doll~^^~we have emailed you the bill of yoru order~^^~of course, we can make the shipment after Decmber~^^~and we also can have it made before the end of November~n__n~O
Visitors  Said: 11-10-17 23:49
I was trying to access the members center and I realized I had forgotten my password. When I took the steps to retrieve it, I first entered my username, it brings up another box, which I assume is asking your secret hint. My problem is, I don't know what this page says because it is written in Chinese. Is there in English password retrieval page?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-18 09:54
HI~dear n__n~O we have reset teh password, it is 123456 now~pls try to login~
dolly  Said: 11-10-13 14:33
Hi! Can you please tell me the neck circumference of the body that the Andrea head can fit on? On your website the 1/3 Youth boy body has three different neck measurements listed (9cm, 9.6cm, and 10cm), which one is correct? I am wondering if an Andrea head can fit on a body with a 10cm neck or if 9cm is better. Thanks for your time! p.s. I apologize if I leave a double message on the product page, I got an error page and a redirect when I tried to post something there. ^^;
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-14 09:04
Hi~dear~n__n~the neck circumference is 9CM, it will fit andrea well~^~^~
asiansmartz  Said: 11-10-11 08:49
Hello, I paid to angell studio on paypal of $68.00 for my entire order and then i clicked &quot;I Paid&quot; button and thought it was going to confirm my order, but now it says I owe $36.00 more dollars? @_@ What happened?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-10-11 09:04
Hi~dear~n_n~O i am sorry but that is the shiping cost via EMS~n__n~ it is not included in the goods cost and will only be sent when we have counted the order~~^~^~
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