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sarahdoodledolls  Said: 11-11-14 11:24
Hi, I'm sorry to bother, but where do we submit the photographs for the contest?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-14 13:51
HI~dear~n__n~ pls just email the pics to angell-studio-en@hotmail.com
yenscho  Said: 11-11-09 14:43
Hi there, I've sent my payment since 7th of November. Please do check. THanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-09 17:05
Hi~dear~n__n~your payment is confirmed~and we ahve processed the order~^^~
funtom17  Said: 11-11-08 13:44
Really, it has? it still says 'restock' status, and i can't put it in my cart to purchase it...or else i would have. It say insufficient stock still. Unless it hasn't been changed yet?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-09 08:39
um~really strange~Y___Y~would you pls email your order to angell-studio-en@hotmail.com we also accept the emailed order~^__^~
funtom17  Said: 11-11-08 09:11
I so hate bothering you, but, is there anyway i could pay for a pre-installment for Baron's palace suit along with shipping and paypal charges to ensure that i get his outfit when it is restocked? I keep checking daily for status on it. Im so sorry! >///<
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-08 11:46
HI~dear~n__n~O i am sorry but this suit has been in stockO__O it is available at our website~
Visitors  Said: 11-11-08 05:13
Hello! I bought a Lucifer white doll two years ago and I really love it. But his faceup has become a little bit messed up and I'd like you to redo it. Can I send back the head only and you can give him a new faceup please? Thanks!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-08 08:39
Hi~dear~n___n~o it will be ok~^^~pls place an order for his faceup~we will email the shiping address aling with the bill~^^~
yenscho  Said: 11-11-06 22:22
Hi there, I've made an order. Please send me a confirmation. Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-07 08:48
Hi~dear~n__n~ we have email ed the bill~n__n~O
allex1912  Said: 11-11-06 18:55
Hi! If I order Momo pink, she will be in new style or not? Will she have the face-up which is shown in the pictures of Momo pink or not? And is it possible to make the lips of the doll to look more smiling by means of make-up?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-07 08:46
Hi~dear~n__n~O then, she will be the same with what has been shown in the pic of Momo pink~^^~and it is ok to make the little modification on the simling mouth~pls just make a notice in your order about it~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-11-06 01:54
Hi! I can't find option which could help me to change transparent milk-pink skin tone for transparent milk skin tone for 1/6 dolls. Where can I find that option? Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-07 08:44
Hi~deat~n__n~O it will be ok~you may just make a notice about the skintone in your order~we will take care of it~^^~
allex1912  Said: 11-11-04 17:43
Hi! Is it possible to have Momo pink in transparent milk and with senior body and what kind of hands Momo pink has?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-05 13:33
HI~dear~n__n~o pls add this into the cart http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-842.html we will make Momo senior body~^^~ for the hands, pls jsut a make notice in yourorder about which hands you would like to have for the girl~^^~
funtom17  Said: 11-11-04 12:01
Hi! I just placed my order for Baron, and i am patiently waiting for confirmation for to pay for him via paypal. While im waiting, btw i hope im not asking to many questions, but i have one more. When his outfit comes in stock should i pick S or M for the size for his outfit? I wanna make sure i pick the right one.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-04 12:59
Hi~dear~n__n~ the S one will be ok~
Visitors  Said: 11-11-04 02:32
Hello! Can I have Xibao in transparent milk with double joints (senior body)? And what type of hands is included in Xibao set? What type of hands is included in Ice set? Thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-04 09:43
Hi~dear~n__n~O of course~pls just make a notice about the skintone in your order and add this into the cart http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-842.html ~and the hands for Xibao are pointing and fist ones~ Ice, fist and palm hands~^^~
funtom17  Said: 11-11-03 21:29
Omg...i don't know what to say thank you so much! >///< I just stuck him in my cart. I got scared he wasn't available because it said insufficient stock. I just figured out that sadly his outfit is out of stock and i do want the full set. And you should be! You make such beautiful dolls! I have looked at other companies, but never have i found so many i wanted for one company. I saw 3 others besides the Zombie boy! But i liked him the most, besides i always miss the gorgeous special limited dolls.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-04 09:38
HI~dear~n___n~o is there anything else can we say? thank you! thank you sooo much for your pouring love for AS doll~n__n~ what a honor for us~^^~we are all cheered~ If you would place the order for Baron, pls make a notice in your order~it will be our honor to offer 15% discount~^__^~ thank you~
funtom17  Said: 11-11-03 13:33
Oh no! I'm so sorry to bother but is the Baron still even available! Please tell me i didn't wait to long...i had such a hard time deciding for my first. Then he came along, he was going to be my first doll...
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-03 14:41
Hi~dear~n__n~o of course, the Zombie boy is available~^___^~this is your first doll? how wonderfull you come to AS for the first doll~it is our honor~we can offer 20% discount for your order~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-11-03 13:11
For the Baron, i noticed for the prices of everything the price of the body make up had a price, but not the face. Does the price of the body makeup include the face with the body or just the face?
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-03 14:32
Hi~dear~n__n~the faceup is priced http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1913.html ^^
yumishiroi  Said: 11-11-03 05:26
Hello! I love your new doll, Zhen. For reference, do you have a picture of her in solid butter skin tone? Thank you very much!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-03 09:06
Hi~really sorry ~but we don't have pics of zhen in solid butter~X____x but we can only make the reference by Qin Lin who is in solid butter~>__<~ really sorry
kafae  Said: 11-11-03 01:46
I just sent payment. Thank you so much! Let me know if you can, that the order went through and is shipping/being made. Thank you!!! ^_^
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-03 08:56
HI~dear~n__n~ your payment is confirmed ~^^~we will process the order right now~^^~
Visitors  Said: 11-11-02 20:53
Hi, Just placed order for Item SH 13017, was confirm on site, but went to pay via PayPal and everything disappeared, will you please send email invoice, and will then log in to Paypal and send your payment.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-03 08:52
Hi~dear~n__n~ really sorry for the malfunctioned paypal link~n__n! would you pls login at the paypal website~and make the payment directly to this address angell-studio@hotmail.com~thank you~
kafae  Said: 11-11-02 00:19
How do I do that? My order still reflects the $40 shipping, also the pay now button does not work... Is there a paypal adress I can just send payment to and then you guys will know it is for my order? Sorry for the hassle.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-02 09:12
Hi~dear~n__n~O you may login at the paypal website and make the payment directly from it to this address angell-studio@hotmail.com
kafae  Said: 11-11-01 04:46
Thank you so much! Can you please change my shipping option to Airmail? I would prefer the cheaper option.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-01 08:48
Hi~dear~n__n~O it will be ok~you may just make the payment according to the airmail shiping cost~n__n~o
fridali  Said: 11-10-31 19:21
Hello. Order 20111025058821 At payment there are problems. Paypal says that problems with the yours address. Please send an invoice on the address alenatsv@mail.ru
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-11-01 08:44
Hi~dear~n__n~o really sorry about that~>__<~would you pls login at the paypal website and make teh payment directly from it~^__^~thank you~
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