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mechahead  Said: 12-01-15 15:36
this is the error i received when i tried to pay with paypal.... ...We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com.
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-16 09:53
hi~dear~n___n~i am really sorry but our paypal link is malfunctioned~n___n! you ned to login at paypal website and make the payment directly to angell-studio@hotmail.com~thank you ~n__n~
Visitors  Said: 12-01-15 14:55
I was able to get the following outfits into my cart for purchase but they say they need to be prepared before shipping. How long will that take? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1911.html http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1635.html I am also interested in getting this as well. Can I order it too? Would it be ready around the same time as the outfits above? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1639.html
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-16 09:51
hi~dear~n__n~thes outfits are in production right now~^^~we will make them asap~
liarakon  Said: 12-01-15 07:44
Hello~! I was wondering where I could buy the stethoscope to go with the outfit? Thanks! :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-16 09:50
hi~dear~n__n~but this prop is not available~
roseleaf  Said: 12-01-13 03:42
hi, I ordered bai ning today but I would like to know how long before I have her at home?
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-13 15:28
Hi~dear~n__n~25 days will be needed for the production for teh girl~and 10 days for faceup~^^~
Visitors  Said: 12-01-12 23:39
Hello ! If I buy Zhen, how much cost the shipping for France, please. (by bank transfer) Thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-13 15:26
Hi~dear~n__n~ teh shiping costr ems to france will be 70USD~^^~
smw  Said: 12-01-12 19:01
Hello! Is it possible to order any part of body in grey skin now or only these hands? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1970.html I'm also interestd in these feet in grey skin too http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1842.html Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-13 15:24
Hi~dear~n__n~yes, it is ok~pls just make a notice in your order~^^~
Visitors  Said: 12-01-10 23:38
hi, I have buy some items from you and I will pay with paypal. Your site says, that I must wait, that you can send me the right ammount, because the shipment. I have buy my items on sunday my name is Riccarda Schultze-Westrum. I didn`t recive any note from you...when can I pay for them? Bye riccarda
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-11 08:54
Hi~dear~n__n~ may i have your order NO.?
Visitors  Said: 12-01-08 15:27
Hi, someone told me that your wigs fit pullip dolls. Which ones are they? Thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-09 09:00
hi~dear~n__n~may i have the cicumference of your doll?
cuteinpink  Said: 12-01-06 22:57
Hi, I to know if I order Qing Yin in grey skin, can I get high heeled feet also in grey skin and what would be the shipping cost to Pomona, California U.S.A. thanks!
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-07 09:54
Hi~dear~n__n~O yes, it would be ok~pls make a notice about the feet in your order~n__n~O we will take care of it~and the shiping cost to USA will be 70USD~
Visitors  Said: 12-01-06 09:57
Hello - I bought Tiramisu in pink transluscent. I'm interested in Amy - What color is suntanned? Is that a basic solid flesh tone skin color, or is it a dark tan? Is it transluscent? ALSO - what color is she shown in her photos on the website. ALSO - I need a new password - mine is not working anymore. thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-06 14:17
Hi~dear~n__n~O you may find the suntanned option for this girl under ger pic http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1801.html the skintone willbe solid if you choose suntanned~n__n~the default skintone of this girl is translucent pink~^^~and we have reset your password as 123456
allex1912  Said: 12-01-03 20:24
Hello Dear A.S.! How is my order 20111119019952? You e-mailed me about wrong order. Your massage was the following: "Hi~dear Alex~n___n~O how are you going~n__n~ hope you had a fun christmas~^~^~O really sorry for teh late reply~n___n! our painter has done teh modifcation on the boy's faceup~he does look like a pretty girlnowQ__Q~pls check teh pics~hope you will like it~^~^~ Hugss and happy new year~ Yours George~ " My order is about Momo and Nero, not Lucifer. Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-04 08:50
ooh~dear~n__n~ yes, it sems that we have emailed the pics to the wrong address~Q____Q~really sorry for such a trouble~and thank you for your kind help[~^^~
Visitors  Said: 12-01-03 01:23
Hello AS! Do you work now? Why don't you answer my e-mail? Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 12-01-03 13:22
Hi~dear~n__n~really sorry~we come back from the new year holiday just now~n___n~may i help you ~
nelle  Said: 11-12-31 04:01
when you buy something that is free is it really free because i would like to buy Body: Female old body of 07 and also if i buy Body: 08'Female body contrast or the comparision between single and double joint will i get the body for the doll.
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-31 12:28
Hi~dear~n__n~ could you send its link to us?
nelle  Said: 11-12-31 03:53
i see that there are some things that are 0$ are they really free please are they and thank you in advence
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-31 08:46
Hi~dear~n__n~ may i know which item do you refer~^__^! some single heads here may be marked $0 but they are not for sale~
mikan  Said: 11-12-28 22:16
Hi Angel Studio Some questions ¿it is possible that you restock the Dora Dress? and ¿When? Thanks in advance
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-29 09:05
Hi~dear~n__n~really sorry but this dress has been discontinued~and won't be restock~T__T
sarahdoodledolls  Said: 11-12-27 03:46
Hello! I paid for the PRize head on the paypal duncansg8l@aol.com, I want to make sure the payment went through. Also, I have a cart full of items right now. I was wondering if I could get an estimate on the shipping cost. Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-27 09:06
Hi~dear~n__n~ yes, your payment is confirmed~and we have processed the order~^__^~the shiping cost is about 27USD ~oh~do you need a Baron's head?~it is available~you may contact our customer correspondent if you need it~n_n
allex1912  Said: 11-12-26 00:46
Dear AS! Can I choose between Melly's head and Criss's head if my purchase is other 600$ or it's your choice? And if I want Melly with face-up (http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1999.html) what should I do? Is it possible for AS Doll Christmas Event to make order now, but pay for it a little bit later? What is Kana's default body - 62cm Female body or 1/3 Female body(double jointed)? Thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-27 09:00
Hi~dear~n___n~of course~you can enjoy our christmas event, just make a notice in your order ~n___n~for teh face up ~pls just add it into your order~and Kana's fefault body is a 1/3 female body~^__^~
Visitors  Said: 11-12-25 21:34
Do you ship to Japan??? I live in Japan, but I can pay in US from my bank account in the States. But I only have an address in Japan cause I am a student. D: What do I do? I want to purchase a limited outfit and there are only 6 left, but I need to purchase now! D:
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-27 08:54
Hi~dear~n__n~ it is ok~pls just email your order to angell-studio-en@hotmail.com~we will take care of the rest~^__^~
angelene76  Said: 11-12-22 21:04
Hello! I just did an order nr 20111222200617. Please, send me an invoice to this e-mail address: angelene76@vp.pl. I'm going to make payment just after X-mas - about 27.XII. Thank You very much!
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-23 09:41
Hi~dear~n___n~O yes, we have emailed the bill ~pls check it~^~^~
jhaymarie  Said: 11-12-20 00:47
Hi! Thanks for the fast reply, I would like to know if this one is heat-resistant? :) http://angell-studio.com/en/images/goods/20110514/efc6647182c32489.jpg
SuperAngels  Reply: 11-12-20 09:08
Hi~dear~n___n~yes, it is ~
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