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mercedes  Said: 14-08-29 16:00
Hello! Do I need to add paypal charges on top of the order price if I choose the EMS as the shipping method or was it already included? I would like to pay, but am a bit baffled what is the total of my order. Thank you in advance for answering! :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-29 17:35
Hi, dear ~ when you submit your order, we will calculate the shipping charge and will send you an invoice ^__^ the price on our store page doesn't include the shipping fee ~ any problems are welcome ,Have a nice weekend ~
mamabear5  Said: 14-08-28 00:24
How do I cancel an order on my account. I got confused and did it twice. Thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-28 14:24
Hi, Dear, did you mean you want to cancel your order?~ pls tell us your order number,and we will cancel it for you ^__^ and here is our skype :angell-studio-en@outlook.com ~
emixlea  Said: 14-08-26 07:18
Just curious when you will send out my order 20140812040913 Looking forward to receiving it <3 With thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-26 09:24
Hi, dear friend, so sorry for being late, we will send the package to you next monday ( one item we need to be made freshly) , thank you for your patience ~n__n~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-26 04:01
Hey AS, I have been trying to log into my account angels_knight, but I can't! I have tried sending a new password but I get no mail about resetting my password! Can you please fix this for me.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-26 08:53
Hi,dear~we will send you a new password through email, pls check your mailbox ^_^ have a good day!~
neko  Said: 14-08-25 10:38
Hello, AS! Please tell me when my order is ready to ship? It's been 2 months. My order number 20140625160274. Thank you very much! = ^ __ ^ =
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-25 11:58
Hi, dear ~ so sorry for being late, it's in the face up stage, and it will be finished this week . we will send you face up pics when I received it. thanks for your patience ! Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-23 08:01
Hello! What happened with my order? The number is 20140811077425 Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-23 10:04
Hi,dear ^___^ it's in the head-making stage ~Have a good day~
zerogravity  Said: 14-08-22 03:13
Hello, dear Angel Studio. Order Number 20140708034343 received today. Thank you. Hope to deal with you again!!!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-22 08:53
so glad to hear that ~n___n~ we hope to serve you again soon , have a wonderful day!~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-21 01:34
Hihi, just wanted to say that I love your clothes and was wondering when you would start selling new clothes?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-21 09:12
Hi, dear friend, thank you so much for your supporting and interesting to us. we released several summer dress, and willing to sell new big ancient chinese dress next month (September), with dolls. haha, are you interested in ancient chinese clothes? I'll contact you when we release it if you like it~n___n~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-21 00:14
Hi, I have been trying to log into my account Emixlea, but I can't! I have tried sending a new password to my email that is set for the account, but I get no mail about making a new password! Can you please fix this for me.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-21 08:57
Hi, dear~ I've just checked your account and change it, I will send you an email to tell you your new password ^___^ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-15 17:29
Hello, when will my order 20140613202523 be ready to ship? Thank you! :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-18 09:20
Hi,dear ^_^ it's been shipped, and here is the tracking number: RA598696445CN you can track it at this website: http://intmail.183.com.cn/icc-itemstatusen.jsp any problems just let us know ~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-13 11:40
Hi, I've taken a liking to your 1/3 girl, Lan, and also the small bust option. It's very cute!!! Is it possible to order this, anywhere? I can't find it... :(
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 13:58
or you also can find our facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AngellStudioEn you can contact me here ^___^
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 13:54
Hi,dear~ there are many 1/3 girl body in our website;http://angell-studio.com/en/?gallery-176-grid.html do you mean this one: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-311.html ?~ by the way, our skype account is :angell-studio-en@outlook.com ~ you can add me and ask me questions more convenience ~n___n~Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-13 11:24
Hola! yo soy de Argentina , envian a Argentina?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 13:45
Hi, dear~ yes, we can ship the package to Agentina~ Puede enviar a Argentina ^__^
emixlea  Said: 14-08-13 03:27
Just payed it^^ Sent you an email from lucinecaroun@hotmail.com
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 09:10
Hi, dear ^___^ thank you so much for your support, your payment is confirmed ~ Have a good day~
zerogravity  Said: 14-08-13 01:53
Hello, dear Angel Studio. Can u tell me when my order will be shipped (outfit 1/4 and so on)? One month has passed from the date of payment. Thank you! Order Number:20140708034343
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-13 09:57
Hi, dear, sorry for being late, the wig just re-stock, we will send you within this week ^_^ Thank you so much for your patience ! Have a good day!~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-08 23:44
Hello AS! :D I waited three days as you said for order number 20140801172078 to be shipped, is it shipped or still being prepared? Sorry for bothering you, but I can't wait :D thank you
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-09 08:47
Hi, dear ~ sorry for being late, your package has been shipped, and here is the tracking number:EA019783517CN and you can check it at this website: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html any problems just let us know~Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-08 08:33
Hi~ I was wondering if it was possible to request a custom-made doll or outfit.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-08 08:52
Hi ,dear ~thanks for your interest to us, but sorry we don't provide that service ^_^ Have a good day!~
peachy14  Said: 14-08-07 05:59
Hello, I have been looking at Mix-Black NO:DL1300704 Doll and I was trying to find on your site if you did layaway, but couldn't see anything. Do you take layaway plans?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-07 09:01
Hi,dear ~~ yes, Layaway is accepted by us, you can pay 30% of the total value and pay up the rest within 60 days ^___^ any problems just let us know~Have a good day~
lestrangue  Said: 14-08-07 02:05
Hi, dear, I've received my Minotaur this day, thank you sooo much! *___* He is cute, and moves so nice, and face-up and everything is just great, you're amazing! But still I have one question and one note. Question: what is the piece of wire for? ^___^' I've always thought I'm pretty smart but now I am clueless. How am I supposed to use it? Am I supposed to use it at all? ^__^ A note: there is a minor failure in his clothes. I can send you a photo later via e-mail, it is about his pants. The word "dreams" is upside down and it is not glued very well to fabric. The world "street" is not cut out well and is more like "str-blacksquare-t". It is not crucial.I think I'll be able to fix it myself. I just wanted you to know about this so that you could check other orders and fix this mistake so that everything could be perfect.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-07 09:00
Hi,dear ^_^ you are really interesting ,hahahaha, thank you so much for pointing the mistake we made, we will check more carefully before we sent this clothes to other clients ~>___<~ and about the wire, when you want to change hands for him, you can use the wire to pull out the string and change the hands for your doll, or you also can put the wire and string together to joint the body, so your doll can make posts more easily ~n_____n~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-08-06 07:52
Hello! I just had a quick question about Leira Milk's outfit. I'm assuming that since there was no &quot;Buy&quot; button next to her clothes that they are not available for purchase. Is there any way I could buy Leira's outfit?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-06 09:45
Hi, dear~ so sorry but the clothes has been sold out and discontinued >___< but I suppose you can check other MSD size clothes at this website:http://angell-studio.com/en/?gallery-113-grid.html Have a good day~
jeenoo  Said: 14-08-04 17:27
Hello, AS! Sorry for bothering you again, but I was wondering when will you be able to ship order number 20140801172078 ? Is it in stock or still being made? And if it's still benign made, when should I expect it to arrive? Thank you :)
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-08-05 10:12
Hi,dear~ all things are prepared, we can send the package to you within 3 days~ and will mail you the tracking number~ have a good day~

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