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Visitors  Said: 14-07-31 08:47
Hi dear angells~ I'd like to know if I we want to buy xiangling will she be with a closed hands like it showed in her page http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2326.html ? Because We'd like her to be with these hands http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1973.html . Will it suits her? ' And if we want to buy Sherry will she come with high heeled legs or feet? Because we want her with the normal feet. And will these shoes fits the normal feet http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2612.html . Sorry for the many questions hehe~ and thank you in advance.. Regards~ =^_^=
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-31 08:58
Hi,dear~ you can order xiangling with this kinds of hands,just make a note~ the hands suit xiangling well ; Sherry will only go with high heel legs, and this shoes is for high heel leg, not for flat feet ^___^ any problems just feel free to contact us ,have a good day!~
psjruri  Said: 14-07-30 16:54
Hello AS. If you did not send order package. -ordered 2 weeks ago- Can you change the items? 1/3 Antique dress white to 1/3 European Sweet Dress 2. 1/3 snow butterfly wig to 1/3 WG32029. order No. is 2014071300 6783. Thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-31 08:55
Hi, dear friend, we will change the items for you, thank you so much for your patience ~Have a good day~
pugsies  Said: 14-07-29 10:19
Hi if I put my orders together (20140620020716 and 201406067436) would it be $500 for free faceup? If I add clothing to make it $500 does that count
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-29 13:13
Hi,dear friend, the summer event has been passed, we don't hold this activity at present, Have a good day!~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-28 22:04
Hello! I was vondering, will you be selling the drumset and the keyboard as shown with the newest dolls somewhere in the future?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-29 08:56
Hi, dear ~ sorry but we won't sell the drumset and the keyboard >_< Have a good day!~
psjruri  Said: 14-07-28 10:23
Hello Angel studio. My order status is &quot;are stocking&quot; for 2 weeks. When is order shipped? Order No. is 20140713006783. Thank you very much.
yero  Said: 14-07-27 04:44
Hello, just wanted to ask if you offer your de-etiolation (de-yellowing) service for dolls from other companies? :) And if yes, what is the exact procedure you use for de-yellowing? Thanks in advance and best wishes~!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-28 08:48
Hi ,dear friend, we don't provide this service for dolls from other companies >_< thanks for your interest to us, have a good day~
elysiongear  Said: 14-07-25 15:17
Hello, I was woundering if, this isn't a strange question, but do you sell arm-parts and leg parts seperately from the doll bodies?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-26 11:05
Hi, dear friend,so sorry but we don't sell arm-parts and leg parts ~>__<~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-23 01:54
Hello, is this possible to order TuSu' wig which he wears on the promo pisc?: http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2171.html Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-23 15:03
Hi, dear friend, so sorry but the wig has been sold out >_< have a good day!~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-18 23:35
Hiya~ I was wondering if it would be possible to change the skin tone of Abu from butter to grey? As well as a grey/black face up instead on a brown/darker brown one? Thank you for your time.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-23 15:05
Hi, dear ,yes, you can change the skintone, but you need to add this to your cart:http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-913.html and make a note that you want grey skintone ~~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-18 05:13
Hello, I am wondering when the accessories (stockings+bow) pictured in the cowboy outfit set: http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2585.html will be sold through here? thanks.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-23 15:12
Hi, dear~ stocking you can buy them here: http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2620.html about the bow, sorry but we don't provide it for sale ~>__<~ Have a good day!~
lestrangue  Said: 14-07-17 02:22
Hello, I've just paid the last part of payment for order # 20140516137616, would you please check if everything is OK? ^___^
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-23 15:13
Hi, dear friend, everything is ok~~Thank you for your support, have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-17 02:13
Hello, is this possible to order Charm David: http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2595.html on the 70 cm body? He's so beautiful, but I'd like to make him a boyfriend for 70 cm RD Sol, so he's too short on the 65 cm body, thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-23 15:15
Hi, dear friend, yes, you can order him on 70+ body, but we need to modify his neck circumference: http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-829.html ^___^ any problems just let us know~ Have a good day~
kohakunoyume  Said: 14-07-15 14:50
Dear Angell Studio! My order number is 20140611215177. I hope you could help me and tell when my order will be send) Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-16 09:57
Hi dear friend, it's in the body-making stage, we will send you the tracking number when we ship the package to you ^__^ Have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-15 11:35
Will these jeans fit a volks SDGR boy? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1764.html Do these require high heeled feet? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-1592.html Does this coat have working pockets? http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-2250.html Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-16 09:08
Hi, dear friend, thank you for your interest to us! May I have the details of SDGR boy? you can send us the link and we can check it for you~ and about the shoes, it's for flat heel feet~ about another clothes,it doesn't have pockets, hte procket in the clothes is fake ^___^ Have a good day!~
kohakunoyume  Said: 14-07-14 14:38
Dear Angell Studio! I've paid my order one moth ago and want to know when you'll send the doll to me? Thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-15 09:06
Hello, dear friend, May I know your order number?and I will check it for you~~thank you~~
radimore  Said: 14-07-14 10:07
For order number 20140714047942 - I got your email about payment and shipping charge, and see that you have calculated shipping with EMS via Russia? Shipping address is Norway. is this an error?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-15 09:05
Hi, dear friend, when we copy the order information, we forget to change the destination name >_< but the shipping fee is to Norway ~ sorry for this trouble, have a good day!
ravynariana  Said: 14-07-12 08:15
Hi there, I'm hoping to place an order for Zhen, her outfit, shoes and the Frozen Sceptre. And I'm just wondering what the postage would be to the UK.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-12 08:47
Hi, dear ~~the postage would be 80USD, and Zhen in solid butter with outfit, shoes, and frozen sceptre is 691USD, after the summer promotion discount it's 621.9USD, and you also can get a free face up for her ^_^ paypal fee would be 25 USD,so the total price would be 726.9 USD ~ by the way I suppose Zhen would look great if she's in solid white or transparent white skintone~ any problems just let us know~Have a good day!
Visitors  Said: 14-07-11 22:40
my other account's name is Radimore, the email it is registered to is ulveelskeren@hotmail.com .
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-12 08:41
Hi, dear friend, we've changed the password for you, it's 12345687 ~pls check it by yourself ~~Have a good day~
ilak  Said: 14-07-11 08:55
Hello, I recently came back here after about two years intending to shop again and had forgotten my password, so I sent for a new password. I did this three times without getting an email, so instead I made a new account. I was expecting to get a welcoming mail but this one is nowhere to be found either, not even in spam, so I assume that for some reason I can't receive mail from you. is there any solution to this? I use gmail.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-11 10:53
Hi,dear friend, may I know your register mail and user name? so I can change the password for you~ thank you~~
Visitors  Said: 14-07-09 21:22
Hello, I use this page in Korea. It seems that Angell studio's Korea page was closed ;( I want 'HongLee' ... Can I order in Korean site? English site is very difficult... T^ T
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-07-10 08:56
haha, yes, you can order him in Korea website, just tell me your order number, and I will go korea page to calculate the shipping charge and send you an invoice ^__^ Have a good day~

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