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cheese966  Said: 14-01-14 18:05
In what regions is delivery, and whether it is in other countries?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-15 09:13
Hello, dear~ could you tell us the destination, so we can check it for you wehther it reaches you there~n__n~ Have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-14 01:05
Hello~ May i ask you about KIMI doll ^__^ i want to buy kimi doll. but is not gray skin, how can i get kimi doll(head+senior boy body)in sun-tanned skin? Thank :D
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-14 09:12
Hello, dear~ you can pick up Kimi into your cart, and make a note that you want a sun-tanned skin, and submit it to our staff, they will calculate it and send a invoice to you~n___n~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-13 10:09
Hello, when you'll know has my order nr 20131128135063 been sent, please, write to my e-mail: angelene76@vp.pl, thank you!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 15:34
Hello, dear~ our sales staff will send the tracking number to the Register mailbox to avoid package information changed things happen~n__n~
angelene76  Said: 14-01-13 04:46
Hello, I'd like to ask if my order nr 20131128135063 has already been sent? I'm sorry for bother you, but you told me that my order will be sent ASAP after I confirm my doll's face-up, and it was about week ago. If my order has been sent, please, tell me the EMS tracking numer. thank you very much!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 10:09
Hello, m'dear~ sorry for being late, the face up for little animal hasn't been finished, which delay the shipping date>____< we will send you the package as soon as it's finished ~ Thanks for your patience ~
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 09:35
Hello,dear~ sorry for being late, we will ask our store to get your package's information, and will send you further information when we get it~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-12 23:56
I was almost forgot. Hilda's costume, how about DD/dy? will it suit?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 09:31
Hello,dear~,about DD with little bust,the bust size of this dress maybe too big for her; about the big bust, as we don't have her body, we only can check the size thing, and it suits ~ Have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-12 22:31
I would like to ask few things. I'm very intersted with your Hilda's costume which are [62 girl retro costume/Frozen Queen] [Frozen Sceptre&amp;Crown] and [Fairy Shoes] First I would like to ask 'bout the size. Will it suit to Volks SD16's body? I hope it does. Second, For Fairy Shoes, is it really 999$? or is it just not for sale? Third, I do I order and pay from Korea? and can I know the the period of delevery too? Sorry for asking lots of questions but I really like your costume.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 09:29
Hello,my dear~n__n~ the size details of this dress shows in the botton of this page, you can compare with it or you can send us the details of your SD16's body ,and we check it for you ~ 2. the fairy shoes is not for sale, it's a gift after you order a fullset Hilda ; 3. the arrival time of this clothes will be before end of this month, and it will take about 10 days to reach you there~n__n~ any questions pls feel free to contact us:angell-studio-en@outlook.com Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-11 22:55
Hi again.... &lt;333 Well...I meant this one : (( mr super clear flat )) people say that it's good for bjd...it protect the doll from stains and yellowing....so should I buy one like this? And should i use it ? I already have a custom face up and a body blushing from you...and i'm totally in love with it..! &lt;333 i'm just asking you because you know everything about doll..Please help me :( This is the picture of the MSC &gt;&gt;&gt;. http://gwing-online.com/images/categories/Model_Tool/Gloss_flat_1.jpg And thank you in advance
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-13 09:25
Hi,don't worry, you don't need to buy this, the body make up include this service (which I sent you the service link before)~ it can last for quite a long time ~~ my suggestions is you don't need to pay the extra money to buy this bottle~~ Have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-11 02:42
Hello, I notice in my order payment that it say State: paid [unfilled]. What does that mean? I have already paid for my doll.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-11 10:31
Hello,could you sent your order number to our mailbox: angell-studio-en@outlook.com ~ they will check it for you, thank you so much~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-11 01:44
Hi, you used to do color matching service, but I can't find it anymore. Do you no longer do it? I want to order As hands to colour match to another company's doll. I will send a sample for matching...
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-11 10:30
Hello,m'dear~ you can choose this one: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1463.html and details you can contact our mailbox: angell-studio-en@outlook.com ~Have a good day~
blutazraeel  Said: 14-01-10 22:21
Hello I wonder the photo of the front of Hilda's nude body. (NO:DL313121) There is the only side picture. Can I see the front of Hilda's nude body? Which is her body BH313112 or BH313081? I would like to ask you about DL313121 is include the Fairy shoes? How much Fairy shoes is it? It's really 999$?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-11 10:16
Hello,dear, Hilda's nude body is this one: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-2454.html hilda's body is exactly the same as this one, except the leg , we use different materials to make it ~ and you can get the fairy shoes for free if you order fullset Hilda: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-2470.html Fullset Hilda include everything in the picture except her face up, her make up and her transparent leg~n__n~ any questions pls feel free to contact us~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-10 19:46
Hi again...no of course I WILL NOT make a face up by my self...I already have sandra's cute AS face up and I'm lovin it....but what did I mean that I've read ( in the internet ) so many people who have a bjd they also have the MSC spray and they said that it is important...so is it right? Or what?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-11 10:21
Hello,m'dear~ did you mean this one: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-488.html which can protect your doll~
xionnguyen  Said: 14-01-10 11:21
Hello I like to ask what does it mean by State:Paid [Unfilled]?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-11 10:03
Hello, dear~ could you tell us your order number so we can check it for you~ and paid means we have received your payment ~n___n~ Have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-10 04:16
Hi... ' Should we buy or apply MSC ( mr super clear flat ) spray on an already doll with face up and body blushing? Please tell me some facts about the spray...and thank you.
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-10 10:07
Hello, m'dear, sorry but we didn't follow you, did you mean you want to make up your doll by yourself?~ >___<~ Have a good day~
larissa  Said: 14-01-09 22:07
I tried to leave a message, but no response. Can the Gay Xi pink outfit be purchased? Also, what new dolls will be coming out in the future? Is there any way to be notified in advance? Thank you. Linda
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-10 10:02
Hello, dear Linda, sorry for being late >___< our working time is from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m(beijing time) Hua Xi-pink's clothes has been sold out and discontinued ..... I don't get details but only know a handsome guy will be released, haha, if you want to know news, you can follow our FB: www.facebook.com/as.doll.1 have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-09 20:24
Hiii my dear angells~~ I've received my doll yesterday...( Sandra ) she is soooo precious I'm totally in love with her...thank you thank you thaaaaank you with all my heart your good job made my day..you're the best company ever.! Your clothes quality are just sooo....AMAZING..! she even looks MUCH better than the pictures...if we need anything or if there'll be a doll that will take our hearts looll XD we will buy from you in the future I hope so...and yeah we are now waiting for ( the white fox honglee ) to be arrived to us &lt;333 and again thank you for making me happy....can't be happier!
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-10 09:54
thank you so much, dear ~ you are so sweet, we really happy you like the service we provide ~n______n~ can't wait to see pictures from you ,haha, have a good day~~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-09 18:45
hi i want to know does my 2nd doll fit 1/3 western dress /deer girl my 2nd doll sizes neck circumference 9.5cm shoulder width 12cm breast sizes 24.5cm waist 17.5cm arm length 23cm waist to toe length 37cm
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-10 09:52
Hi,dear , the shoulder size maybe a little short for your 2nd doll, others are suitable ~~Have a good day~~
larissa  Said: 14-01-09 13:09
I'm interested in purchasing the General Hau Xi full set doll with wig, clothes face up, just as in picture. Can this be done on installment payments through PayPal?
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-10 09:47
Hello, dear~ yes, installment payment is accepted by us, you can pay 30% of the total value, and pay up the rest within 60 days~n___n~ Have a good day~
Visitors  Said: 14-01-08 20:41
hi i have two SD doll. can my doll fit in 1/3 court dress/ black butterfly and 1/3 girl romantic princess wedding dress? My doll size 1st doll waist is 17.3cm chest 22.5cm 2nd doll waist is 17.5cm chest 24.5cm thanks
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-09 09:52
Hello, m'dear , the 1st doll can fit 1/3 black butterfly dress,the wedding dress maybe a little big for your 1st doll ~the 2nd doll can fit the wedding dress~ Have a good day~
lendelia  Said: 14-01-08 08:36
Hello dear AS! I wanted to let you know that I received the parcel for my order n.20131203092829 yesterday. Everything is perfect thank you so much and happy new year!♥
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-08 09:03
wow, so glad to hear that, sweety~ Happy New Year, wish you happy everyday in the new year~n__n~
arnold1  Said: 14-01-07 09:45
Please send new invoice to my email address and I will process through my account - Derrick
SuperAngels  Reply: 14-01-07 16:05
Hello, dear Derric,could you send your order number to angell-studio-en@outlook.com they will reply to you as soon as possible, thank you sooo much~n___n~
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