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Promotion Event for YanDi MaoZhaozhe and HuaXi SP

Date: 06-22-2011

Promotion Event for YanDi MaoZhaozhe and HuaXi SP


HI~dears all~(^.^)~for the celebration of the advent of our three new guys~YanDi Maozhao and Huaxi SP we are arranging another event~ and it is also our gratitude to the constant love and support from you all~n_n~

During the event for any purchase with the total value reaches 500USDthere will be the small accessories (pants, socks ,panty hose etc) sent as the gifts together with our souvenirs~ n_n~

                        Promotion period :2011.6.20-----2011.7.20~


        Sincerely hope all of you would like our works~ and thank you for your attention~n_n~


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