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1/6 Aquarius dress(Pink)-- Starry body size

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Chiffon, silk, lace, etc.


Aquarius   Aquarius-sp




Upper coat; fake wrist band; Lantern skirt; socks; waistband; head wear.

Match Size

AS 1/6 BB, AS 1/6 STARRY BODY, YO SD/LATI/LUTS/AI/DOB BB, pls check the measurements for its ability to other brands.


This dress is the small jellyfish shape for the launch of Aquarius BB , which with the lovely slim pink jumpsuit and a jellyfish shape covering.  Clothes in the design using a variety of segmentation techniques, three-dimensional cut, style of corset design reference period of Victoria, plus the boats shoulder sleeve, repair type and lovely. Selection of materials on the embroidery fabric, three-dimensional flowers with hand nail beads, enhance the fineness of clothing. Jellyfish skirt production process is more complex, with laser cutting pieces, and then use the true ribbon to do the film processing. The dress is pure handmade sequins color adhesive, dry, not easy to fall. Small skirt is create new styles in design, can be folded to store oh! Clothing accessories all Handmade, using ab color beads, lace, silk belt, crystal pearls, sequins, etc..

Size Clotheslength Shoulder Chest circumference Waistline Sleeve length Cuff
1/6 size 10 5 14 13.5    
Size Length of trousers Circumference Of waist

Circumference of hip

Circumference of thigh Circumference of bottoms
1/6 size 10.5       23

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